Paint + Stickers = Quote Art

I’m a huge fan of quotes and artsy stuff. So when I saw this on Pinterest, I just knew I had to try my hand.

The Paint By Numbers Steps Are:

1. Pick a quote, lay down the stickers

2. Paint over the stickers with water colors.

3. Peel back the stickers to reveal magical art!

Here’s my first attempt/result:

It seriously took maybe five minutes. The most arduous part of this project was pulling apart this old frame so I could put the art inside of it.

I was just itching to make some more pieces of fantastic art, and my parents just happened to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary on Nov. 10. While I was searching the internets for inspiration, this song came on and boom, their present was born.

Step One: Lay down the quote with stickers – I used another piece of paper to kind of eyeball it. Only after I got to the end did I realize that I didn’t have enough lowercase es. All I do is win. To make do, I peeled off the e and put it where it was needed. Not ideal, but life is hard when you’re slow. I wasn’t entirely pleased with how it looked, so I found some more stickers and tried again. Then I had the genius idea to include the year they got married:

Step Two: Paint Over the Stickers –

I opted for acrylic paint over watercolor so I used my favorite palette to make a blue I knew my mama would just love:

Then I began painting:

I couldn’t wait for the paint to dry so I whipped out my hair dryer.

Step Three: Peel Stickers Off –

For the one on the right, I peeled off the stickers then blew dry and for the one on the left, I blew dry and then peeled. Blew dry is awkward.

I decided I liked the second one better (with help from my roommate), and I plopped it in the $5 frame I got at Michaels and boom:

I almost texted my mom a picture of it because I’m just so excited. But then I realized I’d see her in a week.

Food for Thought:

-I want to experment with the different kinds of stickers. The bigger ones were thicker and the ones that worked best were the ones I used to write ESTB. 1984.

-Next time, I think I would glob on less paint and hopefully it won’t get under the stickers though there’s something to be said for something that’s not entirely perfect.

The end!


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