Ornaments + Hanger = Purdy Wreath

In yet another delightful Pinterest find, decided to liven up my mama’s house with an ornament wreath!

I enlisted the help of my bestie Kelly, and we headed to our friend Walmart, where I found these beauties – three containers of ornaments (went with red, green and silver) for $5/pop:

After the pain of going to Walmart with me had subsided, I tricked Kelly into coming over for pulled barbecue chicken and football so that she could be the muscle.

Step One – Pull all the tops off the ornaments:

Step Two – Put hot glue on the edge and replace the tops:

Step Three – Group all the ornaments:

Note – This was just me being anal. It didn’t end up working out well because there were colors next to each other and a good shake of the hanger allows for equal distribution of colors.

Step Four – Get the muscle to bend a wire hanger into a circle:

Step Five – Thread the ornaments onto the hanger:

Step Six – Shake the wreath until you’re statisfied with how it looks, then get the muscle to wind the ends together:

Step Seven – Hang it and admire your awesome handiwork:


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