Spray Paint + Stickers = Art!

Thanks to the glories of Pinterest, I came across this amazing pin and linked blog tutorial, and just knew I had to try my hand at it. It also seemed like the perfect Christmas card photo because it’s made by me, doesn’t scream Christmas and would be easy to do. So I got a canvas, stickers, painter’s tape and spray paint and got to work.

Step One: Using the painter’s tape and stickers:

I created the wintery scene:

Step Two: I gave it a coat of spray paint:

The first time I tried it, I was too heavy handed with the spray paint and it turned out awfully, so I was careful to spray from a distance and not overdo it.

Step Three: I let it try then took the stickers off, and ta da:

I scanned it and will get 4X6 photos made at CostCo, stick ’em on some blank white cards and boom, send holiday joy to everyone:

Food for Thought:

-Definitely watch how much spray paint you lay on that thang

-The type of sticker didn’t really end up making a difference in the end product. I had some more glossy ones and some more papery stickers (if that makes sense), and they both ended up working fine

-The actual product looks way better than the scan because it’s kind of a glittery blue spray paint:


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