Cardstock + Paint = California Love Art

There are two things I love very much – the state of California and Pinterest. When I happened upon this blog post/Pin, I knew I had to make it mine.

Step One – Find your state (or really any shape):

I found an outline of California that I liked on the internet, saved it to my desktop and opened it in InDesign. I made it fit (proportionally, of course!) to an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper since I had picked up a fair large thin canvas (for hella cheap at Wal-mart). I used my work printer printed several copies of it on card stock. It was just typical

Step Two – Paint your canvas

I failed to take a picture of my white canvas but I covered my canvas with a nice dose of white paint. I felt like it gave it more texture and it was fun to do. If white ain’t yo thing, any color would work.

Step Three – Cut out your state and adhere tape to the back:

I was careful to put lots of tape on the edges because that’s where the paint would be sure to leak through. I should have put a couple more pieces by the cut out.

Step Four – Select your colors:

Since the state flower of California is a poppy, I went with orange. Since I couldn’t choose which orange, I made a combination of these ones. In retrospect, this isn’t always the best choice, but you can read more below on that fun fact.

Step Five – Paint:

Put a nice coating of paint all over the canvas. Be extra careful around the edges since it’s not totally secured, some paint will get underneath. Let dry. It’ll look like this, but less fuzzy:

Step Six – Touch things up:

As I said earlier, some of the paint leaked under the state cutout so it wasn’t as clear as I wanted. Using some white paint, I went in and touched up the edges. I also added in the Channel Islands. I don’t have the steadiest of hands, but this was actually surprisingly easy and fun to do. Having the print out of the state helped to eye things.

I also mixed up some of the paint to do another coat of the orange since I wasn’t terribly pleased with how it looked. Upon first remix of the paint, it wasn’t an exact match so in that regards, using one bottle would be easier, but I figured it out. Then I hand painted a heart where my hometown is.

Then I popped it in a frame. Boom. Art. I started this project before I bought the frame, so it doesn’t exxxacctly fit the way I’d like but meh, still looks amazing.

Not to be a brag, but I think it looks even better in the frame. This may be my favorite style of painting. I felt like I was actually painting but it didn’t look like a fourth grader did it. Now, I just have to find more shapes to make art with!


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