No-Sew Curtains Tutorial

For as long as I lived at my house, and probably longer, there have been some butt-ugly brown curtains in the bathroom. Since I don’t sew, I hadn’t given too much thought to replacing them but then Young House Love blogged about quick and easy curtains. And nothing says Wheels like quick and easy. (She’s got jokes!)

Back in December, I went into Joanne’s looking for fabric for a tree skirt and got so overwhelmed that I ended up walking out of the store with nothing. With the traumatic experience in mind, I hollered at my dear and incredibly patient friend Angiepants to accompany me to Joanne’s to pick out fabric for new curtains.

We wandered around the store for an exorbitant period of time considering I ended up picking the fabric that I first came across. But, it was quite fun to look at all the different types of fabric and hold them up to see if we could see through it. Note – I got away with semi transparent fabric because the windows in the bathroom are semi opague. Thanks to the handy dandy Joanne’s app, I got several yards of material and grommets (more on them later) for $25.

Later that week, all hopped up on adrenaline after a night of work, I decided that Friday at midnight was the perfect time to start crafting. I apologize in advance for the fuzzy photos at the end.

Step One – Figure out sizing

I failed to take a photo of this, but I took down the old curtains, laid them on the floor and put the material over it. This way, I could see how much I could get away with “hemming.” Instead of a photo of this, I took one of me wearing the excess material, that’s like a totally helpful trade, right?

Step Two – Pour some wine

It makes everything better

Step Three – Get to work ironing

Using this new sew fabric tape stuff:

I set about making all four sides of the curtain panel straight and sewed. Since the fabric had natural lines, I just went with those. Had I been using an untextured fabric, I probably would have been annoyed at having to be anal about the sides.

I followed the instructions on the back of the tape, more or less. It suggested having a wet towel in between, but I thought it would hurt the iron (which isn’t mine), so I did one section with the wet towel and one without. It honestly, didn’t make a difference. Since there wasn’t going to be a lot of wear and tear on these, I didn’t think it matter. Should I be hemming pants (like I bought the tape for in the first place), I might be a little more careful about following instructions.

Here’s me folding (the tape stuff is underneath):

And me ironing:

This is what the finished edge looked like:

And this is the finished and totally hemmed panel:

Step Four – Install grommets

This was my very first experience with grommets. I honestly didn’t know what they were called until we came across the section. Thankfully, the lady at Joanne’s knew what I was talking about when I asked her for the “the stuff you use to put on curtains to hang them on rods.” Since they’re reusable and I know what to dress up my windows for every holiday, Angie and I thought silver would be the most universal choice:

You can see the ugly curtains in the background here!

Like the ironing tape, the grommets came with their own instructions, which I followed. I laid the curtain panel out on the ground and using a very scientific method (using the squares on the fabric) to space them out. The grommets came with this handy-dandy tracer thing (that I hope I managed to keep somewhere) that I used to trace where I would need to cut out:

Even though it was like 1:30 a.m. by this point, I was lucid enough to trace with a pen on the backside of the curtains:

Then using scissors my dear grandma gave me – I cut the holes:

I was then ready to install the grommets (again using the instructions on the package):

They just pop together, which is great:

Midway through this process, the heater kicked on and scared the living bejesus out of me by blowing up the fabric. Once I stop freaking out that my house was haunted and I was going to die because my roommates were sleeping and a ghost was going to attack me, I took a photo, naturally:

Nearly squealing in delight (as much squealing and prancing as one can do at 2 in the morning while her roommates sleep), I headed to the bathroom to hang up the amazing curtains:

Food for Thought:

-This project was super easy and made me feel super accomplished

-Luckily the fabric fit the width of the window, not sure exactly what I would do if the window was wider than the fabric, I guess combine two panels

-Since they’re kind of drapy/curtains, they didn’t need to be perfectly straight, which is good for me because I’m terrible about being anal about lines and stuff


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