Valentine’s Day Mantle

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m a couple of days late on this but I just had to share.

I agree with Ms. Kelly’s post on Valentine’s Day in that it’s a holiday for under-performing couples to show their love when they really should be doing it all year. I love farmer’s market flowers, but I hate boxes of chocolates. Anytime someone wants to give me something from Tiffany, that’s completely acceptable. (As a side note – this was my first Valentine’s Day as a single lady in four years but it didn’t leave me wallowing in chocolate or wine so go me) But I digress…

Pink just happens to be my favorite color and I love the lovey-dovey sentiment of Valentine’s Day. Plus, my roommates were giving me grief about the Christmas stockings still being up on the mantle. So, once again, I paired with my holiday-loving friend Angiepants and headed to Michaels, where, as usual, I ended up spending more money than I thought. But look how purdy my mantle turned out!

I love having fresh flowers in the house, but since I knew I wouldn’t be home for three of the four weekends in February, I bought my first fake flowers. I figured they would work for Valentine’s Day and Easter, plus they were pink so duh:

The section formerly known as the dollar section (it’s up to a whopping $1.50 now!), where you forget everything that’s on your list and end up emptying your wallet, had the most adorable containers of buttons, and I just knew I had to make something with them:

I found some extra paper in my craft supply that I thought would accent the pink of the flowers and hearts and got to work. I used a pencil to lightly draw a heart on the paper and then filled the inside of it with buttons, gluing the back side with a scrapbook glue stick (I think any kind of glue stick would work here). But then I realized that you could still see the pencil markings since the buttons were inside of it. Gasp! The horror! Even though I erased it, I knew it was there. So, I started all over and just eyeballed it. I think it came out pretty good (if I do say so myself):

Even though I picked that frame up using the Michaels app coupon, and it ended up being more than I would originally pay but I rationalized it by saying I’d make similar button creations for the mantle for Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, la la la. I can talk myself into anything. Besides going to the gym.

While at Michaels, Angie and I debated how I would hang the hearts across the mantle. She found the most adorable flower clothespins in the dollar section, but I decided that I would just string them. We had a very frank discussion about placement of holes lest the hearts look like nipples. Using a hole punch, I put holes in it and strung it along some pink ribbon I already had:

So huzzah, happy Valentine’s Day! What were your pink decorations?



One thought on “Valentine’s Day Mantle

  1. I love the button heart in the frame – so cute! I also love your fake flowers. When I saw the first photo, I thought they were real. The light pink looks nice in the light blue vase too.

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