Just Put a Bird on It

This is an art project that took two ideas and pulled them into one!

One day, while I was shopping with Stephie, I came across this cool print/canvas at Cost Plus:

Stephie so wisely told me that I could make that myself. So what did I do? I got myself a canvas and I put a bird on it. Or three birds.

Why three birds? Well, let me tell you the second idea.

“Three Little Birds” is my fave fave fave Bob Marley song, which you can listen to here. Plus the three little birds are me and my two brothers. I’m super deep like that. I was actually inspired when I saw this tattoo and saw wall hanging on Pinterest:

So I figured I would combine the bird print with Marley and boom, inspiration born.

With the help of my dear friend Jenn, I found two bird outlines that I liked on the internet. There are seriously a lot of birds on the internet. I have no idea where I found the ones I used but here they are:

I primed the canvas with white paint, which was soothing.

Then I cut out the three birds and put tape on the edges:

I perched them on a piece of painter’s tape that I put at an angle because I felt it added some fartsy to my art and got to work painting:

I gave it two heavy does of paint, being careful to let it dry in between coats, naturally. Once I felt that it was adequately covered in this lovely blue/teal/ocean/isitsummeryet color, I took the birds and paint off. Similar to the California print, some of the paint had squeaked underneath:


So I got the white paint back out and did touch ups. Now this part made me feel like a real artiste. I even wore a beret. Okay, that’s a lie but I’m sure there was at least one glass of wine and five cups of tea involved, and that’s arty. I just played the touch-ups by eye, where it looked like anything needed more definition. And ta da:

I would seriously make a billion of these if someone wanted to pay me. Super easy and super fun!


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