W is for Wheels!

So I’m a huge fan of Fab, which every day emails me something new that I never knew I needed. It also gives me lots of ideas for things I could make myself. I love all things nautical, so when Fab emailed one day with nautical flags, I was all – HEY I COULD LIKE TOTALLY DO THAT!

I thought it would be cool to do A:

O:and W (source), since those are my initials:

I started to do the A, but figured it would look weird since the actual nautical flag for A is cut off. W stands for Whiskey, which is my favorite, and its design lends itself to the great painting technique known as painter’s tape. Plus, my curtains are red, white and blue so this one matches perfectly and I already had a white-primed canvas laying around. So, reading between the lines here, covering the canvas in a healthy dose of white paint and letting it dry is step numero uno.

With whatever was laying around that looked to be about two inches, I used a pencil to put hash marks on the canvas so it would at least be kind of straight and marked it off with painter’s tape. As I can tell now, the center box was totally closer to one side. Good thing I’m not a perfectionist. Then I started with blue paint:

Then added in the red while the blue dried:

Once that was all dry, I took off the tape and filled in the gaps by eye:

Since some of the paint leaked under the tape, I touched them up by hand, which is always the most soothing part for me:

Once all that was dry, I Instagrammed it!



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